If you do not need a design project from scratch, and you just plan to refresh your interior, our team under the supervision of the art director will select the desired items, provide samples, and accompany you to interior salons in Moscow or St. Petersburg, if necessary. Having obtained all the approvals, we will deliver the selected items to your venue within the specified timeframe.

We work with various brands, both Russian and European. Yet we pay special attention to Italian factories because we know from our own experience that

The main benefit you get is saving your time, money and nerves. We ensure not only the right choice, a fruitful deal and timely delivery, but also supervise furniture assembly and work with finishing materials at your venue.


is one of the most important stages in the realization of a design project.
interior complete service guarantees that you will receive a flat or house ready for living without any deviations from the approved 3D-visualisations. Any detail that does not meet the set quality standards, or any item, furniture, and materials that were not included in the project, can ruin the whole picture.

the BEST CONDITIONS in terms of cost and deadlines.

A well-established system of co-operation with national and foreign producers allows us to provide our customers with
"Italians make interior items with both quality and sophistication. They are distinguished by a thoughtful design, centuries-old traditions, high quality assembly and reliable fittings. I believe you will agree that the "Made in Italy" mark is traditionally considered a guarantee of style and high quality. We work with a huge number of Italian factories, so there are no limitations to style, budget or purpose. Now most Italian factories have become very flexible and excellently produce not only standard items, but also exclusive things on request," says Founder Ekaterina Nikulina.
Italian design is not only attractive, but also affordable.